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26/08/2022 Check out our new video on Smart design of plastics for improved recycling in the framework of the PUReSmart project about recycling of PUfoams
10/05/2022 Lecture: Controlling silicone material properties using sulfur chemistry by prof. Michael Brook
28/04/2022 New newsletter about the PuReSmart project (Horizon2020) in which our group is participating
28/04/2022 The PCR group published numerous high impact papers in JACS and Angewandte Chemie in the spring of 2022, check here
29/03/2022 Lecture: From supramolecular polymers to advanced materials by prof. Bert Meijer.
08/03/2022 Lecture: New Generation of Recyclable Polymers for a Circular Economy by prof. Filip Du Prez Register HERE
15/12/2021 Phd defense of Chiel Mertens: Expanding the realm of thiolactone-based sequence-defined macromolecules: from synthesis towards applications
30/09/2021 Lecture by Assoc. Prof. Maarten Smulders about his research on vitrimers
17/09/2021 Phd defense of Christian Taplan: Polymer Chemistry and Materials Design for Covalent Adaptable Networks
31/05/2021 Online Phd defense of Jing Huang: Engineering Dynamic Bonds into Elastomeric Materials Reinforcement and Reprocessability
17/05/2021 Third and last part of our webinar series on Discrete synthetic macromolecules: Synthesis and applications
10/05/2021 Second part of our webinar series on Discrete synthetic macromolecules: Synthesis and applications
03/05/2021 First part of our webinar series on Discrete synthetic macromolecules: Synthesis and applications
22/04/2021 Filip received an ERC Advanced Grant to work on "Circular thermosets" for the next 5 years. If you would like to find out more about our project, read the press release of UGent
12/02/2021 PCR-group is organizer of the first VITRIMAT virtual training school entitled “Vitrimers: high performance materials for cutting-edge applications
10/12/2020 Phd defense of Yann Spiesschaert: Vinylogous urethane vitrimers - Towards a closed recycling loop for thermoset materials
22/11/2020 First ever digital Day of Science in our department!
26/08/2020 Our themed collection with 16 manuscripts in Polymer Chemistry on Chemistry for Covalent Adaptable Networks, in collaboration with Christopher Bowman and Julia Kalow is now online!
19/08/2020 You might have thought that having one neighbour is helpful, but check out our latest Hot Article Polymer Chemistry demonstrating that two is even better, especially when considering the stress-relaxation of covalent adaptable networks
10/07/2020 Our Advanced Materials paper has been given the green light! Another example of the intriguing photoreactivity of triazolinediones, this time allowing for the fabrication of water-erasable PEG-materials
03/07/2020 Pressure-sensitive adhesives can be greener! Our report on the incorporation of terpenoids into polymers that result in 100% #biobased and waterborne pressure-sensitive adhesives is published in Green Chemistry